METEOR+ Enhanced Supervisory Features

Meteor is SGC’s Metering Supervisory Computer system based upon off the shelf SCADA software. We are currently offering eXLerate to provide the supervisory functionality. Over the years the capabilities of metering control systems have increased with historians and report archiving being standard features. With the potential cost savings of condition based monitoring, SGC are able to offer enhanced validation and verification features. 

METEOR+ incorporates the MySQL relational database as standard. This can be used for historical storage and allows SQL queries from third party systems.eXLrate feat 1

Gas Chromatograph Validation

METEOR+ provides automatic verification of the analyser results.

  • Accuracy of measured analysis compared against known sample bottle composition
  • Configurable tolerance limit
  • Automated to highest extent with clear operator instructions when manual intervention required
  • Control charting of each verification cycle

SMART Meter Diagnostics

METEOR+ can continuously monitor and check the performance of each SMART meter.

  • Chart diagnostic data obtained fromSMART flow meters
  • Visual representation of meter health & performance
  • Customisable thresholds for alarms

eXLrate feat 2

Transmitter Verification

METEOR+ provides pressure and temperature verification.

eXLrate feat 3

  • Transmitter reading verified against calibrated reference device
  • Configurable tolerance limit
  • Multiple measurement points
  • Reading error automatically calculated
  • “As Found” and “As Left” verifications captured

Instrumentation Database

  • Record instrumentation ID, manufacturer, model, serial number, calibration due date etc.


Electronic Log Book

  • Store all information generally captured in a conventional paper log book
  • Powerful filtering capabilities
  • Fully auditable

Mismeasurement Capabilities

  • Mismeasurement detection and correction
  • Embedded Virtual Flow Computing (VFC) functionality

    eXLrate feat 5

Standard Features

  • Graphical representation of system architecture
  • Metering skid graphical mimic
  • Automated & on-demand reporting
  • Current alarm summary & filtering
  • Alarm & event historian
  • Historical trending
  • Flow computer web-browsing
  • Report archiving and recall

METEOR+ and SGC can provide solutions for bespoke customer requirements.