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  • meteorThe Meteor - Metering Supervisory Computer, incorporates all of the functionality the experienced engineer / operator has come to expect from a modern MSC. Some of the functions include:

    • Provision of a common HMI for the entire metering system
    • Provision of remote control of field equipment (valves) in single or sequential routines
    • Display and modification of system configurations and parameters
    • Formatting metering data into reports
    • Archiving data into a historical database for future use
    • Trending of process variables
    • Production of instantaneous metering, alarm and event reports
    • Archiving and recall of metering alarm and event reports
    • Communication interfaces to third party systems using common protocols - OPC, MODBUS, TCP / IP
    • Remote access by LAN, Intranet, and Internet.
  • meteorSGC is an open-ended integrator. This means we have no tie to specific brands or combinations allowing our clients to choose the correct software for their requirements. Using globally recognised platforms we can deliver a system that is:

    • A low cost PC based Supervisory package
    • Scalable
    • Configurable
    • SCADA based
    • Reliable

    Despite the low cost approach, quality and reliability have not been sacrificed. SGC deliver well-tested and easily maintained metering solutions.

  • meteor


    Time and event driven reports are available. A report builder allows customisation and the report creation.

    Report Archiving

    Long term report archiving lets you recall archived reports for viewing, printing, or backup.


    Any database point can be selected for historical trending and trend displays provide zoom and pan facilities.

    Password Protection

    Multi-level, multi-user password control ensures secure operation.

    Duty / Standby Operation

    Where high availability is required, the Meteor duty / standby operation provides hot standby facilities.


    Drivers are available for communications to all major flowcomputers and PLCs. Handling of data to DCS / SCADA systems is available through serial link or from file transfer by TCP / IP Ethernet link.