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The MeterNet Solution

The MeterNet Solution is a technically innovative concept by SGC Metering, that brings a new dimension to metering computer system design.

MeterNet introduces state of the art technology to replace the conventional structure of proprietary flowcomputers and asociated database computer.

MeterNet consists of the SGC Meteor, SGC Integrator, and the SGC MeterNet I/O system configured as an integrated package.

Meternet uses the latest PC and distributed I/O technology to provide a flexible, scalable solution, compliant with the principles and standards mandatory for Fiscal measurement.

Basic Architecture

The system operator interface is through the Meteor HMI, where all flowcomputational parameters and MSC functions are accessed, viewed, controlled, or modified. Control functions and modification of parameters are subject to password control.

The Integrator provides a near limitless, multistream metering application, resident on a single PC. Redundancy is provided by duplication of the metering application on a stand-by PC with flow calculations executing simultaneously.

The MeterNet I/O system provides the direct interface to all field instrumentation and equipment. Duplicated I/O systems can be provided for increased redundancy.